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xbase is a chrome extension that makes your Twitter Bookmarks 10x more useful. Get instant search, keyboard shortcuts, tags, and note-taking. It's like Superhuman for Twitter.

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Turn your Twitter into Second Brain

Search bookmarks in under 100ms ⚡️

Instant Search: Finally find the tweet you were looking for.

Powerful Tagging 🏷

Use tags to stay organized. Sort your library by threads, links, videos, images, to find what you're looking for, fast.

Take private notes on posts 📝

Jot down your thoughts or key points directly on posts. These notes are just for you, so you can refer back to them anytime.

Shortcuts for everything ⌨️

Use keyboard shortcuts to go through Twitter posts fast. Made for power users.

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Use code EARLY33 for Pro Plan and save 33% for life! 7 out of 100 spots claimed.


Essential features for making 𝕏 more productive

$8/ month

  • Search in Bookmarks
  • Tag Tweets
  • Bookmark Manager
  • Notes on Post
  • Post Reminders
  • Connect 1 𝕏 Account


For power users to maximise productivity on 𝕏

$12 $15 $8/ month

  • Everything in Basic, plus
  • Improve Timeline
  • AI Chat with Tweets (coming soon)
  • Share Bookmark Lists (coming soon)
  • Export Twitter Data (coming soon)
  • Connect Unlimited 𝕏 Accountss

Use Cases

How to get the most out of xbase

Questions & Answers

  • As a thank-you for your early support, we're offering lifetime discounts. Apply the code "EARLY33" at a checkout for 33% off forever. This offer ends when we launch Twitter feeds.
  • Unlike most apps, xbase saves your data on your machine.

    We can offer blazingly fast search because we don't have to send your data to our servers. It also makes it possible to offer the affordable pricing we have no matter how much data you have.
  • xbase is currently available as a Chrome extension. There are no near-future plans to support other browsers.
  • Your data is stored locally on your machine. We do not store any of your data on our servers.
  • Twitter Premium gives you extra features like organizing bookmarks. xbase is a Chrome add-on that makes Twitter better for power users. It has advanced tags and better search options.
  • We have a strict no-refund policy. We provide free trial for 30 days so you can try out our Basic plan before you buy.

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